Futurism. New York: MOMA
  • Futurism. New York: MOMA
  • Futurism. New York: MOMA

Futurism. New York: MOMA

The Royal Mandelbaums



5" x 12".


Taylor, Joshua. Futurism. New York: The Museum of Modern Art, 1961. First Edition. Near fine in very good + dust jacket. Hardcover.

154 pages. 141 illustrations, 22 in color. Published to coincide with a major traveling exhibition; includes a chronology, four Futurist manifestos, biographies and a select bibliography.  Authoritative, landmark exhibition focusing on Italian Futurism. The principle artists are Giacomo Balla, Gino Severini, Carlo Carra, Luigi Russolo, and Umberto Boccioni. Vintage MoMA catalogue.

"Italian movement, literary in origin, that grew to embrace painting, sculpture, photography and architecture, which was launched by the publication on 20 February 1909 of ‘Le Futurisme’ by Filippo Tommaso Marinetti in the Paris newspaper Le Figaro. Marinetti’s intention was to reject the past, to revolutionize culture and make it more modern. The new ideology of Futurism set itself with violent enthusiasm against the weighty inheritance of an art tied to the Italian cultural tradition and exalted the idea of an aesthetic generated by the modern myth of the machine and of speed."
Ester Coen
From Grove Art Online
© 2009 Oxford University Press


"This vintage MoMA catalogue would be a nice addition to your bookshelf."